What are the Types of IP Cameras?

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At CableOrganizer, we stock a wide variety of Megapixel IP surveillance cameras from Everfocus. Let’s take a moment to explore the different types available:

  • EAN Plus (Box Camera): a box camera is optimal for when you need a small, specific area that you may want to zoom in close on, since its aim is fixed in a single direction. No lens is included, so you’ll need to separately purchase a C/CS mount lens.
Box Camera

  • EHN (Outdoor) & EDN (Indoor) Dome Cameras: this camera’s lens can be manually pointed in the desired direction, and features true day/night capabilities, with infra-red that kicks in in low-light situations. It also features a P-Iris Lens that ensures a wide depth of field that allows the foreground, background and everything in between to be in focus. The outdoor model features the highest ratings in vandal proofing (IK-10) and weatherproofing (IP 68), so it can take a beating AND be submerged up to two meters in water.
Dome Camera

  • Bullet Camera: like dome cameras, bullet cameras can be adjusted to point at a specific desired location, but they usually have a better range and zoom capabilities than most dome cameras. However, they are far less discreet – while a dome camera is small and unobtrusive, pretty much everything about a bullet screams “HEY! CAMERA OVER HERE!” So, your choice may depend on whether or not you WANT your cameras to be noticed. The housing on many domes also helps disguise the exact area the lens is oriented toward, whereas a bullet makes it abundantly clear what is being filmed. Also, while bullet cameras are typically rated highly in weatherproofing and are often used outdoors (Everfocus’s model is rated IP 66 which is nothing to sneeze at), their design makes them more susceptible to damaged or tampering, as they lack the compact enclosure design of domes.
Bullet Camera

  • PTZ Camera: PTZ stands for Point-Tilt-Zoom, and they’re pretty much the be-all end-all of surveillance cameras. Box cameras can only be pointed at one location, and even domes and bullets have to be manually adjusted to look at a different area. PTZ cameras can be remotely controlled to look at what you want, when you want. The EPN features 20x Optical Zoom and 10x Digital Zoom, and an auto pan feature that allows you to program it to scan a specific area.
PTZ Camera