How do I access my IP camera system over the internet?

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How do I access my IP camera system over the internet?

After the cameras and NVR are connected and working connecting the next step is to setup remote viewing. The biggest requirements for remote viewing are connecting the recorder to the router, port forwarding and internet speed. If you have made it this far into the guide, the recorder should be connected to the router whether directly, or through a PoE switch. This does not automatically mean that it can communicate to the internet and to your smartphone.

Port Forwarding – Allowing your recorder to reach the Internet

The first step to remotely viewing a security camera system is allowing it to communicate to the internet. The firewall inside a router blocks security camera recorders and other devices from being accessed over the internet. To allow access to your system from the internet, you have to configure the firewall inside your router to allow requests for access from the internet to flow through to the DVR or NVR. This process is called port forwarding and requires some advanced networking know-how.

Remote viewing using a Smartphone

The iPhone and Android App that works with our systems is called IPTecno Pegaso. The app can connect to the system and display live feeds, playback stored footage, and even send push notifications. It also allows for one-way and two-way audio interaction, PTZ camera control, and motorized camera control.

Remote viewing using a Windows or Mac PC

If you’d like to watch your system from a computer, our free Central Monitoring Software allows for user intuitive viewing, playback, and download capabilities for use with our security camera systems.