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Are there any recurring or monthly fees to run my security camera system?

No. That is the biggest benefit of owning your own security camera system. Unlike most retail, big box, or cloud based companies there are no monthly recording, storage, or monitoring fees associated with our products. When you purchase the system you own it.

Can I Use any IP cameras with any NVR?

The short answer is no. Each manufacturer of IP security cameras has their own programmers and engineers. It is impossible for companies to create products that work universally. Motion detection, image settings, and PTZ control are just some of the features that can be lost when mixing and matching surveillance products.

With the IP address and RTSP stream you can add most IP cameras to professional NVRs. Since the camera is not supported by the NVRs software you will only receive video, and sometimes audio through the RTSP protocol. However most cameras have their own web interface which will allow you to adjust the image settings, set the correct time, and adjust PTZ or zoom control on cameras that support it. Using compatible equipment allows you to control all of these functions from the NVR.

Can an IP Camera System be hacked?

No! Especially if the system is used as a standalone system without being connected to the internet. There are security protocols and protections in place so that the system is not vulnerable on the internet. The only way for someone to access a system is for them to know the IP address, username, and password. In other words, if a system does get “hacked” it is usually the result of a weak password.